News at Anfodd Holidays in South West Wales

May - Ponies

We now have 5 Welsh mountain ponies.

November - Solar panels

We have just installed solar panel.

14th Sept - Bumper crop

We have had a really good growing season and have a bumper crop of peaches. So far we have made peach jam, peach and chilli chutney, pickled peaches with cloves and cinnamon, peaches in syrup and peach vodka. Also roaster tomato passata with chilli. Yum, yum

18th May - Fruit trees

I have just planted two more apple trees. So we now have four apple trees, three plum trees, one cherry tree and one peach tree. The peach tree is covered in peaches; they should be yum. We also have raspberries, black currents and strawberries.

26th April - Planting vegetables

We have planted out the potaotes, onions, garlic, lettuce and carrots outside. In side the polytunnel we have planted the tomotoes, cucumbers, chillis plus all the seedling ready to get big enough to plant out.

1st March

Our window sills are now full of trays of vegetable seeds. Bring on the good weather.

16th January - Prices for 2014

We have decided not to increase our prices this year. A good reason to book now!!

23 December - Happy Christmas

Best wishes for 2014. Hope you see you then

4th September - Campers

We had a busy August Bank Holiday. Both cottages were booked and we had 5 groups of campers. Roger and Lin camped in their campervan. They brought their dog, nothing usual there. But they also brought their pet tortoise Rocky. Now that is a first!!

4th August - Ducks and chickens

We have two new chicken and two duck thanks to one of neighbours. The ducks are called Lottie and Flo. They give us one blue egg and one white egg each day - good girls

25th July - Beautiful weather.

The weather is beautiful - hot and sunny. Perfect for BBQs and going to the beach. Long may it last!!

29th June - New developments

Our building work is finally finished. Hoorah!! There is now a large patio outside each cottage with Indian sandstone paving outside Yr Hen Dy and Nida gravel outside Y Bwthyn which is wheelchair friendly. There is also now a secure and dry store room for bikes, surf boards, fishes equipment etc. Plus a new wood store and a fantastic utility room.

27th June - WiFi

We have no installed WiFi in each of the cottages so people with iPhone, iPad and Smart phones can now access the internet from the cottages. Another good reason to book your holiday with us.

2nd Feb The Weather

Life here has been dominated by the weather. we had a week of deep snow followed by torrential rain and thunder storms. On the 31st January I woke up to a scene of destruction. All the chiken coups and rabbit hutches had been smashed up by the gale force winds. There were tramatised chickens and rabbit running around everywhere. Luckily Mr Fox didn't drop by and I managed to catch all the chickens and rabbits while John mended the hutches and coups. The big question now is are all the three female rabbits pregnant!!!

17th October Baby Hedgehog

Yesterday we found a young hedgehog taggled in the chicken fencing. We managed to disentagle it. I remembered that they like dog food. So we put him/her in a box with a bowl of dog food. It eat all the food very quickly while making a lot of noise. It was clearly very hungry. We then spent some time reading a about hedgehogs on the net. S/he weights 1lb and 3 oz which is too light to survive the winter. So s/he is now in a cardboard box full of straw inside a larger box full of straw in our living room. When I got up this morning s/he has eaten all the dog food with cat biscuits and a bit of liver we had in the box. S/he seems to be doing well. We will weight her/him again today and see how s/he gets on. Donna dog is very interested in our new house mate.

24th July Vegetables galore

We now have plenty of runner beans, beetroot, lettuce and cougettes with tomotoes, cucumber and raspberries on their way to being ready.

19th June - Baby bunnies

The baby bunnies' eyes are now open and they have fun and are starting to run around. There are 7 of them and they are so cute. We are thinking of offering a free bunny with any booking!!

3rd June - More bunnies are born

Today Dan gave birth to some more bunnies. Ollie, Shane and Beth who were staying in Y Bwthyn, saw one of the bunnies being born. We don't know how many there are get as mum tucked them up in their nest.

26th May - Skomer Island

Today we went to Skomer Island. It was a beautiful sunny day. We saw seals, rabbits and lots of puffins. The puffins were not shy at all and walked up to us, they were also trying to learn to fly with mixed success. There is a picture of one of the puffins on the attraction page.

16th April - Laugharne Weekend

We had a good time at the Laugharne festival. We saw Viv Albertine who I went to school with a few years ago!!!

5th January New baby rabbits born

On 9th September we bought two baby rabbits for a £1 at the local auction. When we got home we examined them and decided they were both boys. Yesterday, you can imagine my surprise when I was clearing their hutch and found 3 newly born baby bunnies and Dan feeding them. Dan is now a proud mum!!

25th December - Happy Christmas

27th November - Facebook

We are now on Facebook so why not "like" us. Follow this link!/pages/Anfodd-Holidays/112109262196516

10th September - New Chickens and Baby Rabbits

Yesterday we went to an auction and bought 6 Black Rock chickens, 3 Amber Star chickens and two baby rabbits. So we should have plenty of eggs again as we now have 25 chickens. The rabbits are pets so that children who come and stay can stroke them.

26th August - Veg Galore

It has been a good year for vegetables. We have lots of runner beans, french beans, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, peas etc etc

26th July - Another Duckling

Another little baby duck hatched today. It is yellow just like the baby ducks in children's books. So sweet!

15th July - It is Shawn the Sheep

Today Barry came round to shear the sheep. They are looking very smart in their summer coats.

28th June - A Baby Duck is Born

One of our ducks became broody so John put a couple of eggs from the other duck under her. Last night we decided that it had been too long and the eggs were not going to hatch. Then this morning we saw a tiny little baby duck. It is so sweet.

21st May - Summer is here

The swallows have arrived and are again nesting in the utility room. The woodpeckers are also nesting and visiting the bird feeders several times a day. The strawberries are nearly ripe yum, yum!!

14th April - Kat Mandu the Hero

I woke up at 5.00am to the sound of fighting just outside my window. At first I thought it was cats, then foxes. I looked out of the window and saw our cat (Kat Mandu) and a fox. I went outside in my dressing gown with a torch. There were bits of Kat Mandu's fur of the floor but he was no where to be seen. When I went to feed him in the morning, he looked a bit ruffled but ready for breakfast. What a hero, he saw off the fox, GET OFF MY LAND and we haven't seen it since

10th April - Quack, quack

We now have 4 ducks or rather 2 ducks and 2 drakes. They are settling in with the chickens and are very friendly. Why not come and visit them?

2nd April - Broadband

Each cottage now has a broadband connection

9th March - Spring has sprung

Spring is here at last. The snow drops are out and the daffodils are just about to come out.

1st January

Happy New Year

28th November - Snow

We have had snow for the last few days. Great for snow balls fights. Donna Dog is enjoying the snow but the chicken and sheep are not so keen.

18th November - Beat the Price Increase

Book before 31st December for 2011 at 2010 prices.

3rd November - Visit Wales Grading Visit

We have spent the last week making sure both cottages were ready for our Visit Wales grading visit. Needless to say we were very anxious. But we didn't need to worry. The Quality Officer was very pleased with the cottages and told us, we would be again awarded 4 stars. Just what we wanted. We were happy bunnies!!

7th October - Campsite update

We now have toilet and shower facilites. Even more reasons to visit our beautiful green field camp site.

15th September - Christmas drinks

We had just made 10 bottles of drinks for Christmas. We have made Vodka with Raspberries; Vodka with Sloes; Vodka with Blackcurrents; Vodka with Blackberries and Vodka with Damsons.

11th August - Shaun the sheep

Today Barry, our neighbour, came round to shear our sheep. After chasing the sheep round the field for half an hour, Barry's dogs herded them into the pen. The sheep are now looking very smart !

28th July - Planning for campsite

Unfortunately the planning department has turned down our application for a toilet and shower block. We are very upset but won't be put off from developing the campsite. We just have to re-think our approach.

16th July - Fruit and Veg Galore

Today we picked pounds of raspberries. The blackcurrents are nearly ready. The runner beans are ripe, the courgettes are very productive and the peas are nearly ready. We can't eat all we are producing so we needs lots of visitors to help us!!

7th July - Elderflower cordial

We have just made 12 bottles of elderflower cordial. This is made from boiling water, sugar, elderflowers, lemons and oranges. When you visit let us know if you want a bottle.

2nd July - Stawberries

We have just picked about three pounds of strawberries. John had to drive to the shop for extra cream. Yum, yum!!

24th June - New Chickens

Today we bought 20 new chickens. What an experience! We met the guy we were buying them from in PC World car park. We then transferred the chicken from his carriers to ours. Needless to say, some escaped and we were all running around the car park trying to catch them. Many thanks to everyone at the snack trailer who helped us . When we got home we introduced them to our old girls with a certain amount of trepidation. Our old girls made a lot of noise and strutted up and down. They now seem to have sorted out the new pecking order. The old girls eat first!!! We have lot of eggs each day!

18th June - The Summer is here

What a beautiful hot and sunny week we have had. Long may it last!!

22nd May - Lawn mover speed record

Congratulations to Don Wales (Donald Campbell's grandson) on breaking the lawn mower world speed record at Pendine Sands (our nearest beach). How whacky is that!! Check out his website at

25th March - Spring is here

Spring is here at last and we have started planting this year vegetables. So far we have planted potatoes, onions and garlic. In seed trays on every window sill in our house are chillis, sweet peppers, aubergines, tomatoes, melons, leeks, cabbage, spinach, parsnips, peas, beans and herbs. Some are nearly ready to plant out but all this rain makes digging the beds a bit off putting and encourages the slugs, so we will wait a while. We also have daffodils blooming!! Oh the joys of Spring.

16th March - Developing the campsite

We now have a caravan you can rent. We are in the process of putting in a planning application for a toilet and shower block, this will include a family room and a room for disabled people as well as the usual toilets, sinks and showers. We hope to have the building ready for the summer but it all depends on the planner!! We will keep you posted.

18th February - And then there were five!!

On Monday at about 7.15am the ewe we call White Face gave birth to twins - one boy and one girl. Both are big and health. They are very close and are often seen cuddled up together. White Face is a very good mum. One of the ewe that was born here in 2008 also gave birth to twin girls at about 10am on Monday. One of the twins died at birth and the other was a bit poorly. We were concerned that she was not suckling so we moved her and mum into the polytunnel. We then taught them about suckling. Today they both went out into the field and jumped with joy. What a joy it was to watch.

11th February - Another newly born lamb

Another lamb was born at 7.15am yesterday. I thought the ewe was having problems delivering but she managed all by herself - clever girl. It is another ewe lamb (girl) and has a black fleece, which was a surprise.

6th February - Newly born lamb

I went out to tend the animals this morning. First, it was the chickens, fed them, gave them fresh water and cleaned their nest boxes. Then I fed the cat and walked the dog. Finally I checked the sheep and spotted a newly born lamb. As I walked towards the ewe and lamb, the mother became nervous and it was evident that the lamb had only just been born so I backed off, leaving them to bond. I watched from a distance and saw the lamb stand up and start to suckle. Just what I wanted to see. We went out a bit later and gave the sheep some extra food and this time I was able to have a closer look at the lamb. It is a little girl (ewe lamb) and seems to be doing very well. So lambing has started and there are certainly more to come.

1st February

Well what a month it has been!! The month started with a friend spilling a glass of wine over our lap-top which, of course, killed it. Trying to manage without a computer was terrible. What did we do before computers entered our lives? After much heart ache not to mention expense, we now have a new lap top; we are back in contact with the world and we are able to add news to the website. Also in January we had a lot of snow and we were totally snowed in for a while. A friend came to stay for a couple of days and got snowed in with us. After nearly a week we dug her car out of the snow and towed her out. The snow has now nearly melted and the sheep can once again find some grass to eat. So life is back to normal, whatever that maybe!!

1st January 2010

Happy New Year and a prosperous 2010. The farm is looking very beautiful with a coating of snow. Luckly the road is clear.

27th December - Christmas greetings

We hope you had a great Christmas. We had a quiet Christmas - too much food and drink! Donna Dog enjoyed the snow, we had a snow fight; she tried to catch the snow balls without success. The chickens didn't like the snow; they didn't want to come out of their coup in the morning. We are now looking forward to 2010 and hope we will see you.

13th December - Winter is here

Well, the rain and wind have finally stopped. We did not suffer too much but our field shelter full of hay for the sheep decided to flat pack itself. Inspired by IKEA, no doubt. We should be getting ready for Christmas - buying presents, sending cards and all that but we haven't started, oh dear!! Next week they say with their tongue in their cheek. We will keep you posted. Bye for now.

19th November - Jamie to the rescue

Jamie helps us get going, now we can edit the website all by ourselves. Thanks Jamie

11th October 2009 - Sloe Vodka for Christmas

We have just picked lots of sloes which we will be making into Sloe Vodka.  This is just like Sloe Gin but uses Vodka instead, which we think means that you can taste the Sloes much better. 
To make Sloe Vodka, put sugar and sloes into bottles [about half full] then top up with vodka. The amount of sloes and sugar depends on your taste. Half the weigh of sugar to fruit is a good rough guide. We prefer not to add too much sugar as you can always add more at a later date. Some recipes suggest picking the Sloes after the first frost or pricking the Sloes but we don’t bother but instead put them in the freezer until they split or in the bottom oven after it has been turned off for just a few minutes every few days give the bottles a little shake.  It will be ready by Christmas.  The longer you keep it the better but we never seem to be able to keep it very long!! 

10th October 2009 - Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to our new website.  We are really excited about it and hope you will regularly visit it.  We will be using this page to inform you about what is happening at Anfodd Holidays.  This will include the birth of new lambs, fruit and vegetables we have planted or are harvesting or indeed anything else that we think may be of interest.



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